About us 

 Founder: Francess Cowan

Founder: Francess Cowan

Africentric Arts started in August 2017 as an effort to engage children in authentic African cultural and traditional activities in Toronto. By bringing experts in African cultural arts, Africentric Arts entertains and educate children through drumming, dancing, arts and crafts, story-telling, sports and more. The programs are designed to improve the lives of children through discipline, encouragement, inclusion, and fun. The staffs and volunteers provide care for children in a professional and caring manner. Africentric Arts is among the best authentic African cultural programs for children in Toronto. This business continually strive to bring the best entertainment for children and satisfaction and peace of mind for parents. Africentric Arts also bring positive representation of Black culture in the community.



To educate, motivation, and give pride to children through the teachings of African history, cultures, and traditions.



To bring awareness about Africa, its people, and knowledge about the diaspora. To educate and engage children about Africa’s diverse cultures and traditions. To create a space where knowledge can bring empowerment, pride, eliminate discrimination and embrace diversity.


·     To educate children about African cultures and traditions. 

·     To engaged children in meaningful activities that will entertain, and help them develop new skills. 

·     To bring positive representation to Black children that will help them affirm values, and embrace their ethnicity and identity with pride

·     To create agents of social change. Children will develop sensitivity to social issues and challenge stereotypes

·     For non-Black children to embrace diversity and be educated about  cultures other than their own

Executive Members 



Francess Cowan: 

Founder and Executive ManagerFrancess is a Public Relations Management specialist. She is a mother. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, going for walks and spending time with her family and friends. 


Rachel Parker

Managing Director. She is also a nurse and a mother to two beautiful children.She moved from England 7 years ago, and she enjoys music and spending time with her children.  



Kofi Williams

 Director. He is married and lives in Brampton, Ontario. Kofi is well known in the Sierra Leonean community for his gentleness and kind heart. He is a member of the Concern Citizens and Friends of Sierra Leone and also the Krio diaspora United organization (KDU). 



Africentric Arts  works as a socializing agent aiming to defeat the negative perceptions and misrepresentation of Black/African people. We intend to bring out resistance factors that will influence children to internalize the uniqueness of Black/African culture and traditions. We hope they apply these knowledge in all attitudinal and behavioral aspect of their lives with pride. 


In the summer of 2017, Francess Cowan was frustrated by the lack of an authentic  African cultural camp for her eight years old daughter. It all began when Francess who is an immigrant from Sierra Leone, asked her daughter who was born in Canada if she will like to visit Sierra Leone one day. Her daughter’s expression of uncertainty followed by negative feelings of emotions was not the answer Francess was expecting. She realized that her daughter’s view of Africa and African people are intensely depicted by the overt representation she has received at a tender age. 

That Summer, Francess decided that her daughter will enroll at a camp where she will gain new knowledge about African culture and tradition. A lack of an authentic African summer camp prompted her to reach out to her network and formed a partnership with The Concern Citizens and Friends of Sierra Leone. Moreover, that became the birth of Africentric Arts. Throughout August, Africentric Kids Summer Camp started its operation at the York University Community Centre. Due to its success and popularity, Africentric Art now caters for most seasonal event.


August- 2017         Africentric Kids summer camp 2017

December-2017    Became a registered business

March- 2018            March Break Camp

April- 2018               Sierra Leone Independence day Kids Celebration




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