Our Mission

To integrate our community by providing a summer camp that exposes kids to various African cultures and traditions that will promote awareness, inspiration, identity, and pride.


Our Vision

To become a well-recognized organization that promotes cultural knowledge, provides fun activities and creates opportunities for ethnic and non-ethnic people in Canada and worldwide.



Our Defination

Africentric Arts is a space open to ethnic and non-ethic individuals who are interested in learning about African customs, tradition, history and knowledge. Our teachings are drive from the many

cultures across Africa. And we tailored our activities to suite the interest of children at different

ages and skills level. Africentric Arts brings a unique experience for children that will create opportunity to build friendships and create lasting memories.

Our goal is to...

  • Provide value for the children that will help them to build self-confidence
  • Develop life skills that are real and unique to Africans while merging with modern trends
  • Develop positive attitudes that will facilitate change in behaviours including respect for others.
  • Develop other life skills that will interest the children to get involve in their community through leadership, and social responsibility activities that will promote change in their community.